Preschool & Kindergarten Program

Our Preschool & Kindergarten Program

There is so much focus these days on ensuring children are “ready” for Primary School. But what does that really mean?


“We are building security and identity. We understand that children are learning from us through our every word and action about kindness, empathy, generosity, gratitude, honesty and respect. More profoundly, they are learning about themselves, their abilities and their worth, their place in their hearts and in the world.”
Bronwyn Thomson, Guardian Curriculum Mentor


The Guardian ‘Moving on Up to School’ Preschool Program is led by teachers with specialist early childhood university degrees. Our contemporary approach gives your child the full benefits of a structured daily learning program while you are supported with the longer care hours we provide. That means your child gets the best start to their schooling, while you’re able to better juggle the day-to-day thanks to longer care hours than those provided by community-based preschool and kindergarten programs.


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Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs have been lovingly and carefully crafted to purposely deliver on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard (NQS) for early childhood. Our practices and programs connect directly to the foundation stages of the Australian School Curriculum, from which children will be taught when they enter the formal schooling system.

The Guardian Curriculum is our very own inspirational guide for excellence, drawing from world leading research to ensure the highest quality of teaching and practice.

Guardian Childcare & Education NQS Rating
We know early learning. Guardian outperforms the sector average with 93%* of our Centres meeting or exceeding the National Quality Standard. *ACECQA, National Quality Framework Snapshot, Q2 2020.


How we help prepare your child for school

As your child moves through their early years, the transition to formal schooling is one of the most significant milestones you and they will face.

We design engaging Preschool and Kindergarten Programs which set the foundations for a positive start to your child’s first year of school. These programs focus on open-ended, play-based experiences that:

  • Teach the basic numeracy and literacy skills needed for academic success.
  • Embed valuable social and emotional skills required to be confident and resilient.
  • Have clear learning outcomes to prepare your child for formal schooling, and beyond.

Our qualified Teachers and passionate Educators know what to look for and are always observing and noting those significant social, emotional and academic milestones that will pave the way for school.


“We’re focused on teaching children how to learn versus just ticking a box.”
Kathryn Waugh, Guardian Head of Quality and Curriculum


How do we know your child is ready for school?

Through our contemporary approach, we support and build on children’s learning through a wide range of real-world experiences that set them up for lifelong learning. Our environments inspire children to explore, collaborate, experiment, and imagine, bringing learning to life in fun-filled, tangible ways.

During these experiences, we observe and support the behaviours that are key indicators for a successful transition to school and beyond. These are largely based on social and emotional readiness and we support this in several ways:

  • Enabling separation from parents and carers
  • Developing confidence and pride in who they are
  • Learning to take responsibility for themselves and others
  • Communicating and forming relationships
  • Becoming adaptable to cope with change
  • Practising resilience by persisting in the face of challenges
  • Initiating, being involved and willing to try new things
  • Problem-solving and encouraging curiosity.

Our partnership with families is also fundamental – we will ensure you are kept up to speed every step of the way on your child’s progress, via face-to-face feedback, information sessions and through our StoryPark app.


Read more about starting school and the ‘readiness’ indicators to look out for in your child.

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