Guardian Childcare & Education Preston

(Formerly Tree House)

Guardian Childcare & Education Preston is a light-filled Centre in a heritage-listed mansion, and features the building’s original façade, thriving gardens, a massive grapevine, music classes, and a range of age-specific workspaces and play areas.

With a range of exciting, resource-rich environments, Guardian Preston boasts renovated outdoor spaces, a treehouse fort, water pumps, creek beds and natural play structures, children are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace. The Centre also offers a leading Kindergarten Program, delivered by university-qualified teachers, to help prepare your child for the exciting transition to primary school.

We are proud to have a culturally diverse team of Educators and celebrate a variety of cultures and holidays throughout the year. In addition, the children at Guardian Preston get out and about on regular excursions to Preston Market, our local café and the neighbouring park, so we enjoy wonderful connections to the local community. We keep families up to date with all of this daily activity through our communication app StoryPark.

Guardian Preston’s on-site chef prepares five nutritionally balanced meals using seasonal ingredients every day.  To further explore food at the Centre, Educators host regular hands-on cooking experiences for the children to extend on their knowledge of nutrition, encouraging them to try new foods.

Begin the adventure at Guardian Preston today by booking a tour to explore the Centre or speaking to one of our team.

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Rhythm of The Day

With endless possibilities, there’s never a dull moment at Guardian and no two days are the same. Here’s what a day at Guardian might look like. Please note, this will vary depending on centre opening hours.

Helpful Information

Opening Hours

Open 6:30am to 6:30pm
Monday to Friday

Good to Know - What to Bring

What we Provide

  • Sunscreen
  • Five nutritionally balanced meals including: Breakfast, Lunch, Morning and Afternoon tea and a late Snack at the end of the day
  • Nappies
  • Bibs
  • Bedding

What to Bring

  • Hats
  • Formula and bottles
  • Soft toy or comfort blanket for nap time
  • Spare change of clothing
  • Water bottle

Our Educators

Our team of Educators are committed and passionate about ensuring your child will be safe, nurtured and cared for every day. At Guardian, children are encouraged to engage in interest-led play that creates learning and meaningful experiences.

Our Educators seek to optimise diverse learning opportunities and implement the Curriculum as framed by the Early Years Learning Framework.

You and Your Child

All Guardian Centres provide a Centre-to-Family communication platform so families can maintain contact with their children’s experiences through photos, stories and learning outcomes.

Our Centres use Storypark and each family is provided with a secure login to access on their computers, mobiles or apps.

More about Guardian Preston

Guardian Childcare & Education Preston is located in a heritage listed mansion, with original Victorian era frontage and an updated interior. We often receive feedback that our beautiful old building feels home-like, which helps to support children settling into the service. Outside we have generous spaces for each age group. Our babies enjoy an undercover decking space and sandpit oasis in their yard. For the kinder children, a large U-shaped yard houses a tanbark climbing space, sand pit, mud pit, water tanks and edible gardens.

The doors are open in each room throughout the year regardless of weather, and the children are encouraged to move between the indoor and outdoor environments. This allows them to experience different spaces, promoting a sense of community between neighbouring rooms and encouraging socialisation and exploration.

Each day we provide the children with breakfast, morning tea, a cooked lunch, afternoon tea, and an evening snack. The meals contain a variety of flavours, colours and textures, encouraging the children to try new things from a young age. Many different cultures are reflected in our meals, and our seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables provide nutrition and great taste.

Our child care centre is very active in the local community and hold a number of family and community events each year, from family meet and greet evenings and centre open days to family social nights, play days in the park, and visits to the local school and nursing home. We welcome families to contribute their ideas, skills, hobbies and interests to our programs. Not only does this help to bridge the gap between home and child care, but it also supports the children’s confidence, independence and relationships.

Our educators work very closely with families, ensuring that communication is open at all tims. We are always available to talk about your child’s progress, achievements and learning at the centre, and can touch base with you during the day for reassurance that your child is in safe and capable hands.

Guardian Preston has a fully-funded Kindergarten Program run by degree qualified teachers. Our focus in the kinder program is developing the children’s social and emotional readiness; as well as teaching them important life skills. Our kinder programs incorporate a school readiness program that aids in the transition from kinder to school.

At Guardian Preston your child will be in environment designed to inspire curiosity, foster creativity and support discovery. Their early learning will be facilitated by educators and a curriculum that supports them in developing the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  

A love of learning. Confidence. Curiosity. Guardian Preston is a place for early learning where children can thrive. At Guardian Preston we: 

  • Believe early learning should be fun. Through play, a child’s curiosity and imagination come alive as they explore and understand their world at their own pace. 
  • Put children at the centre of their growth. Play-based experiences and structured learning support the development of language, literacy and numeracy skills as part of the Altona North Kindergarten Program. 
  • Make sure you love coming to Guardian as much as your children. You’ll meet a team of educators passionate about your child’s learning and development at every age and stage. 

We have a large team who together have created a wonderful community with our families and children over the years. This makes our childcare centre feel like home when you arrive, with laughter and constant chit chats with families a point of pride for us. 

Children are provided with a wide range of resources and materials to inspire their learning and development. We focus on real-world, ‘open-ended’ materials that encourage creativity, problem-solving and physical development. This type of play launches children into an environment where the learning opportunities are endless.  

We’re also dedicated to health and wellbeing at Guardian Preston. The health, safety and wellbeing of our people – big and small – is always our highest priority. We know parents are busy, so our policies – whilst grounded in safety – also consider life’s practicalities. 

In addition, educating children about the importance of healthy eating and wellbeing is an important part of early childhood development. We believe in providing a positive eating environment that reflects dietary requirements, cultural and family values, and promotes lifelong learning for children. 

Areas that this Centre services

Guardian Preston services a number of local areas, including: Coburg, Heidelberg, Bellfield, Thornbury, Northcote, Regent and Reservoir. 

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